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2018 Tessellated Morphs

After making a program to make the changes from one shape to another (see Morphy, pawn to queen) I started working on tesselations of shapes.

With Vectorworks Marionette I made a program that draws an Escher-like tesselation. The only thing I drew were a straight line and a bend line. The rest is calculated by the Marionette-program I wrote. The lines are rotated 120 degrees and copied and moved to make tho shapes, a rhomboid and a “fish”. With these shapes it is possible to make a 360 degree tessellation and a diagonal tesselation. Below is an example of what happens when the input geometry is not curved, but thorny.

After cleaning up the program I’ve made a new parametric drawing which transforms to a puzzle. The Vectorworks-Marionette drawing can be downloaded from: